Saturday, 11 April 2015

New 15mm additions.

A few new bits and bobs have been added to the 15mm terrain and vehicle collection. 

The colonist crawler. 

Many colonies utilize small all terrain vehicles for transporting personnel and equipment. They are often small cramped vehicles. Size is important for transport in a drop ship or shuttle. 

The crawler started life as a micro machines hummer toy. I added some wheels from a cheap hotwheels style buggy. 

Cargo Pods.

Every colony base needs regular supply. A variety of cargo stores are employed from wooded crates to reinforced thermo plastics like the ones below. 

The pods are made by Brigade Games and will serve as objectives. I have tried to paint them in various ways. Blue for general cargo, White for medical supplies and Green for ammo. I like painting these and I may have to get some more in the future. 

Colony Small Hab Building. 

This building started life as a coffee jar lid. Some resin doors, windows and vents from Antenociti's workshop where added. Textured paint was applied. Some graffiti was then added. 

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