Sunday, 7 June 2015

Warboys wip.

After seeing Max Max Fury Road (a must see for post apoc fans) I decided that I needed my own Warboys war band. Now here is were I lucked out. Tinker kindly dropped me a box of old GW Gorkamorka Diggas (many thanks again mate!). Now my twisted little mind decided that they would do the job.

Here is a wip of the progress so far.

These guys are the test subjects. This pair only need the bases finishing and they are done. There is a few more to go. As I have repeated figures I am mixing them up by adding neck scarves and goggles.  You can't see too well but they have chrome paint on their faces. 

The skin tones started off with a lupine grey. A brown wash was added just to get the shade. Then the highlights was added. This was Lupine Grey 50:50 mix with white. This was further worked up to white. 

Then there is the vehicles. Here is a wip of the first one so far.

It needs exhausts, weapons and other gubbins. I need to find/convert a gunner next.

Now any ideas for a Immorta Joe?? Any one know of a figure that I can convert?