Sunday, 24 May 2015

Into the Undercity....Terrain

Deep under the streets and the foundations of the mega blocks of Utopia City lies an unseen world. A world as brutal as the wastelands beyond the mega city walls. A world of perpetual darkness. Lets creep through the cracks and explore a world of darkness, hazards, mutants, cutthroats and monsters.....

Down in the depths there is many strange things. Old hab domes, city streets and forgotten machines. You! 

This thingy is made from an old pringles tube and a load of old junk from other projects. The pringles tube got hacked to bits to give a crazy angle. Tape and paper hold it together. 

This terrain is intended to be used as a dice tower. I always wanted to make one. In true post apoc style I made it from junk I had laying about. 

The tower in action. 

Surprisingly there are many outcasts from Utopia living in the darkness of the Undercity. They form communities and gangs. There are many townships and trading posts. 

Some like the trading post below are made from parts of the grounded star ships which originally founded mattblackgod's world. 

This is the water trader. Water....everyone needs it, right? 

There is also a weapon and ammo trader on this block. 

This is a Mantic Deadzone terrain set which I painted to look like lots of salvaged panels. The water tank is an old coffee can and the pipes are drinking straws. 

The Mantic sets are easy to use but sometimes the connectors need a bit of brute force to clip them together.I have also had a plastic connector snap on me. Maybe I am too ham fisted?! I glued my sets together as I intend these pieces to be permanent. I only used superglue just in case. There is still some parts left so expect some more of these in the future. 

The great thing about the Undercity project is that this terrain can also be happily used in the wastelands. There is also a place on mattblackgod's world where a starship fleeing (the Typhon) the orbital bombardment crashed back to the surface. This makes up an area known as the Skrap Lands. Lots of the buildings and defenses in these wastelands are made from starship parts. 

Thanks for looking. 

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  1. Nice tower, that is also a terrain. Brilliant.
    The water tower look good and very rusty.