Saturday, 1 August 2015

Radiation Bob's

Over on the Post Apocalyptic Wargames Forum the 2015 Warlord's Challenge is to make something to do with a Trader. It can be a vehicle, figure or terrain. As I am currently working on a set of Undercity Terrain I decided to make something in that vein. One of the nice things about the depths and caverns of a ancient city is the terrain also fits the Post Apoc wastelands genre nicely. 

So weary wanderer come bring your salvage to Radiation Bob's for great trades! 

Radiation Bob's started life as a plastic tub you get Christmas Puddings in. Once the delicious seasonal treat had been scoffed it was cleaned up. Staring at it for few minutes I decided that it looked like an ancient abandoned reactor or something similar. 

A few minutes with a glue gun, knife and a pile of drinking straws and the basis of the Trader's station was formed. 

The base is a cork pan coaster found cheap at Home and Bargains. The edges were broken off to give a broken rock look. The whole plot was then attacked with items from the depths of the bits box. A load of textured paint was applied. Once dried it was sprayed with matt black (what else?) car primer. Later a layer of grey car primer was used.

Some of the rubble and the rubble wall out front of Radiation Bob's are bits of the cork base. 

The electrical power boxes are the  covers you  get on three pin plugs. The barrels, crates and milk urn are press cast milliput (I made Latex molds some years ago to stop my terrain obsession breaking the bank every time I needed some model accessories). 

 Rusty brown and orange make up most of the metal work paint. I decided that hand painted signs would be in order. Graffiti was also added most of which is inspired by certain Post Apoc films. 

That's it....remember to come to Radiation Bob's for a great deal!! 

Thanks for looking.