Saturday, 4 November 2017

Matt Black Report #15 - Da Duke of Nu Ork!

Da Duke of Nu Ork!

On the northern edge of the Matt Black City ruins lies a few blocks held by a bunch of Trogs who do have not sworn allegiance to the Matt Black Trog. This territory is known as Nu Ork and is ruled over by a Trog simply known as Da Duke.

Da Duke dreams of the day when his forces can rival the Matt Black Trog in strength and numbers. When he can lead his Trogs to Matt Black City and smash Trog City. Until then he will make do waging war on the Humans and Trog gangs roaming the ruins. 

Da Duke is made from the 40K Ork Nobz kit and is inspired by the classic "Duke in the Escape From New York" movie. I added the gold braid epauletes from greenstuff which mark his rank. 

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