Saturday, 4 November 2017

Matt Black Report #16 - Mad Mek

Mad Mek.

The Mad Mek is held in awe by the rest of the Trogs as he clearly belongs to two castes. Not only is he a Mek Boy but he is a Mad Boy too. The boys think he is strange because of his need to look out for others (in a violent way of course) and his interest in Humans. The Mad Mek also belonged to the cult of speed for a short while. He got kicked out because he didn't think "Red Unz go Fasta" and painted his buggy matt black. Surely another sign he is mad?

The Mad Mek is under the protection of the Matt Black Trog who feels this odd Trog is important to the new world order.

The Mad Mek wanders the ruins and wastelands looking for parts to build his Intorkceptor, righting wrongs, fixing stuff and being nice to Humans as he goes along.

The Mad Mek is made up from bits. Boyz legs, Ork Biker body and arm. The Shotgun is a Ork resin item by Kromlech. The arms had putty sleeves added and Mad Max style shoulder armor added. Next up for this guy is for me to make a Squig, build a Intorkceptor and possible a Grot side kick. 

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