Saturday, 4 November 2017

Wasteland Wondering Seasonal Blues.

Hello and welcome back to another Wasteland Wondering. 

Happy Belated Halloween. I hope you had a spooky time.

I have been neglecting this blog a little over the last few weeks. Real life likes to intrude on hobby time. 

My old bike's wiring has been causing many headaches. 27 year old loom and the great outdoors don't mix well. This has caused me to miss riding in September and October which are two of my favourite riding months. I think I may have to start looking for some new wheels. 

Then there was the build up to Halloween and Halloween itself (we are big on Halloween here). Decorating the house, binging on spooky movies and scaring the trick or treaters.

We also had a trip to the cat cafe in Manchester. We both enjoyed our visit and my wife didn't want to leave. If you like felines I recommend it. According to rumour they are opening one in Liverpool. I guess my good lady will be moving in.

One thing about the approaching colder season if the cats think that they are entitled to use you as a cat bed. As you can see in the picture below, Toffee has grown somewhat. 

I have some hobby updates to post (when I find my camera and kickstart the laptop) a few figures to post up, a drafted post for the forthcoming Necromunda 2 game and even some drafted posts for the Utopia city Magistrates who are stranded in ruins of Matt Black City. 

My Bunker (star) Bastards and Vaulties projects have stalled. The Bunker Bastards are still in hack and convert phase. The Vaulties are mostly painted. They just need the detailing to finish. Sadly I expect that will remain so until after new year, as Xmas looms in the distance. If you think we go nuts for Halloween, you should see us at Yule! 

To add to my collection of Wastelanders I have backed the Mini Gangs Kickstarter. I have been a fan of Curtis' work (Ramshackle Games) for a long time. There are many of his figures in my collection. I look forward to seeing these figures as well as trying to figure out how they will fit into my setting. Plus the rules look fun to play.

I have also been collecting the Mutant Epoch rpg rule book. Another planned post is to do a review of the game, background and mechanics. I love the detailing and fluff of this rpg setting.

For now, have a happy Guy Fawkes night! 

Thanks for reading and stay safe out there. 

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