Thursday, 1 February 2018

New terrain for the Wastelands.

Hello and Welcome back,

January saw me slowly crawling forward working on various terrain items including the Nu Necromunda stuff. Finally I have gotten around to finishing it and getting pictures.  

First up a block house. It could be a home or part of a defensive line.

The block house is a resin model from Ramshackle Games.

My wife got me these resin barricades for Xmas. There was no manufacturer on the packaging. 

They are a little more Sci Fi than my PA stuff but forces like Utopia could field them. They where relatively easy to paint. A blast with black primer and a dusting of white primer. It was just picking out the details. 

Now some Nu Necromunda walls and doors....

These could be easily used in the wastelands. I have been playing Mad Max and there is a lot of rusting ships bulkheads in the wastelands.

Door barricades. All these could be used in the wastelands.  

Ammo and weapon crates. The lids are not glued on and they are double sided. Some have frag, gas and plasma traps in them.
Some data screens and a shrine. 
Finally something nasty lurks in the tunnels. Handy mutant beasty for the wastes as well as Necromunda. I went for a maggot colour. I figured that something that lurks in the dark would probably be pale in colour. 

That's all for now. Thanks for looking and stay safe out there.