Tuesday, 27 February 2018

New additions to the Wastelands.

Hello and Welcome Back to my blog.

Finally I have got some miniatures finished. Hopefully my groove is coming back.

Out on the Western edge of the ruins of Matt Black City Vault 22 has opened. The dwellers have chosen to remain in the vault but now send scouting parties out in the ruins of the mega city looking for anything the vault can use.

Meanwhile on the other side of the ruins a Technomancer goes to work in his workshop in Wastetopia. Found any old tech you need to trade or fix then this is the guy for you. He is a bit stingy on trades though.

Wanderers are common in the in post apocalyptic wastelands of Matt Black God's world. Many are insane or running from their past. This Wanderer, Max suffers from both. Still he is a handy gun to hire and is a skilled driver. This means he is popular with those who need a dirty job doing.


Here is Immortan Trump, the leader of New Sodom City (NSC). Since arriving in the ruins of MBC the Immortan has restarted his war against Liberty City. NSC has started raiding Liberty City supply & trade convoys. He is also raising suspicions about Utiopa's presence in the ruins.

Out in the wastelands don't trust anyone, not even little girls.

This little girl is probably a cannibal. The figure is a OOP Hetzerdog Babylons Burning Ghoul miniature. I was digging through a old box of zombies and found her. She had her base tidied up. 

Thanks for looking. Stay Safe Out There.


  1. Awesome work dude. Lovely selection of miniatures you've got done.

  2. Great selection of models, really well painted particularly like the Max model