Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Wasteland Wondering -still alive.

Welcome back Wasteland Wanderers, 

Long time, no post. I am still alive and kicking. Mini painting has been going slow and not just because of the cats. We had a raiding run into the Lake District last weekend. 

It is one of the most beautiful parts of the UK and every time I visit it blows me away. 

My paint queue has been growing exponentially with various kickstarters dropping goodies on my door mat. Then I got some Blots Industrial walls for the Nu Necromunda boards. 70 of them.What have I done? *sob* As they are not too gothic looking they will also be useful for post apocalyptic games as walls and what have you. 

I have gotten a few figures painted. Some Vault Dwellers and characters for the wastelands. They are just waiting for me to finish the bases. Pictures will follow as soon as I get them finished. The Nu Necromuda Eshers are primed ready for paint. 

The Goliaths have gone in another direction. These guys are huge and remind me of the various bosses you come across in the Mad Max video game. 

So my twisted mind started off developing a post apocalyptic feudal army with each of the Goilaths as a Warlord with his own turf, serving under a Overlord. As such I am doing some Post Apocalyptic conversions on them. Each warlord will have a themed gang of warriors too. At least that is the plan until I get distracted.

As for the Overlord, I wanted something even more intimidating looking than a Nu Necromuda Goliath. I started converting a plastic GW Ogre but I wasn't too happy with how it looked. The pose on the figure is limited plus the muscle is more like an old school wrestler rather than a iron pumping chemed up meat head. For now I am looking at converting a Heresy Boris figure for the Overlord.

I have been looking at the Nu Necromuda Orlocks that GW has just released. They have a certain post apocalyptic warrior look. I am thinking of using them as road guards for merchant convoys crossing the wastelands. 

The Ten figures have arrived from Hysterical Games, so as soon as I get organised I will set up a sales thread over on the Post Apocalyptic Wargames Forum. Watch this space.

My Bunker/Star/Space Bastards are nearly assembled. Just some odds and ends to do before I get them painted. No idea what colours I should choose. I like rust. Does old power armour rust?  There is a request the vehicle for the gang. Something open topped. I believe last year's Bring Your Own Lead Helsreach table/game had some issues with gangs riding around in tanks. If I don't get time to build one I am sure my collection will have something suitable for my force. 

Not too sure on how the painting will progress. My good Lady is off for to hospital tomorrow for a operation, so I may have a busy week or two. 

Thanks for reading.

Take Care out there.


  1. Exciting times :) love he idea of the Goliaths being Overlords and having themed gangs.

  2. Some great ideas in this post, look forward to seeing them progress, hope your good lady's operation went well