Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year!!! 

2019 is upon us like a lumbering Deathclaws or an out of control War Rig.

So what do I have planned hobby wise for this year? 

Firstly I plan on trying to do a little hobbying ever day however small. I hope to keep a record of it and hopefully keep you updated. This also includes reading rule books, writing rules, map creation as well as the usual hobby stuff.  The hard thing is finding time to update the blog. 

The gangs of Rubbleborg will be expanded. New characters, gangs and possibly figures reassigned from older gangs. Brittianna will get some additional troops who are mostly oldhammer era 40K Imperial Guard. This matches their infantry look already as I am using old IG for the various companies. The Warriors gang will be getting some medics mostly old Necromunda Orlocks. The Fatal Floozies proved to be wanting at Helsreach due to no heavy weapon support. So a heavy weapons lass will be recruited to their ranks. 

In addition to this I have the 2000AD Strontium Dogs figures by Warlord games to finish. They will mix up the Bounty Hunters and Blasted Ruins folk. I also have a Dungeron by Ramshackle games to paint. They are seriously huge critters. I suspect my wastelanders will need some artillery to take that beast out. 

I need to get my 20mm stuff done too. I got a lot of nice 20mm post apoc bits last year not to mention the 50 Hotwheels cars my wife got me for my Birthday. As far as car mods go I think I won’t bother stripping the paint off Hotwheels cars any more. It takes too long. I will still be hacking the cars about though. It’s part of the fun.

The 28mm terrain refresh will continue too. Mainly dry brushes, washes, plants and more. I have one or two new terrain pieces planned and a few vehicle conversions too. 

2018 had too many kickstarters and fantastic figure releases, far too many to support. I am afraid I have to knuckle down and get stuff painted before adding any more to my piles. That said I also need to thin down the piles of painted and unpainted toys. Hopefully I may have some stuff up for sale later this year.

The Radlands rules will continue to be worked on and I hope to get them out for beta testing sometime this year. I may be asking for volunteers. 

Inspiration wise I hear that Days Gone, Rage 2, Metro Exodus and Wasteland 3 computer games will be hitting the shelves. So no doubt I may get some extra inspiration from them. 

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a hobby filled new year. May 2019 be fruitful and prosperous for you all. I hope you have a safe and happy 2019. 

Take care out there and stay safe. Happy New Year.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your new creations in 2019. Happy New Year!!