Sunday, 20 January 2019

Trashford reinforcements

Hello and Welcome Back to my blog,

The first figures of the year have been finished. Some additions to the Trashford gang. These guys are back up for Blubba who runs Trashford. 

The Trashford guys bearing the fancy energy weapons Blubba found inside a bunker in the Blasted Ruins. The gang and residents of Trashford are largely mutated. The remains of the Blasted Ruins where Trashford is located was the centre of the Mutant Uprisings 50 years ago. It is unusual for people in the area not to have mutations or half lives. 

Skull’s appearance is often used by Blubba to intimidate Norms (non mutants). 

Brute is the Gang’s muscle, he is also a hothead and most likely to charge off into a fight before Blubba has had a chance to assess the situation.

Lo down is a foul mouthed trouble maker who loves to pick fights with anyone taller than him, which is everyone.

All these figures are from the Warlord 2000AD Strontium Dogs line. There are more figures planned for the Trashford gang. Stay tuned. 

Thanks for looking and stay safe out there.