Tuesday 20 February 2024

Nu Terra Marines and the Baddawgs landing mob.

Hello and Welcome Back, 

Time for another look at the Warriors of the Wild Galaxy. 

The Space Marines of the Nu Terra Empire's Navy. The Marines wearing red armour markings are veterans of Nu Terra's campaign to capture Mars from the renegades, bandits, pirates and criminals who moved onto Mars in the years after the destruction of Earth (which lead to the collapse of the Old Earth "Terra" Empire). (History of the Wild Galaxy)

There are some Marines sporting yellow markings are veterans of the campaign to secure the world of Sabius Prime. 

These figures are old 40k Rouge Era plastic Space Marines that I picked up as part of mixed batch from ebay. I touched up a few figures and based them. These figures will see action in the anarchistic melting pot that is Maddans world. 

Back in the days of chaos and anarchy that followed the collapse of the Old Earth Empire, a small group of Space Marines survivors lead by Sergent Baddawg decided to head out of Human Space taking a small group of civilians they were protecting with them. In time they found a small unchartered Jungle planet and settled it. They named their world "Baddawgs Landing" after their leader. Today Baddawg's Landing has a small scattered civilisation on it. The warriors maintain their now generations old power armour and equipment. They also maintain the codes of honour instilled in them by the legendary Baddawg and their ancestors. 

Again these figures came from the same mixed batch of figures as the figures above. All I have done is rebase them. I hope to try painting a couple more old Marines to match the paint scheme these figures have.

Those who are long in the tooth will recall a very vibrant character who visited various Wargames Yahoo groups and forums years ago with the handle "Baddawg". Old Dawgie (for that was his name) was a retired long serving US Marine and served in the Vietnam war. The jungle camouflage on these figures made me think of my old Internet freind and I had to create a world in my "Wild Galaxy" setting in his honour. Baddawg's landing was the name of his Yahoo group dealing with his wargames scenarios and batreps, it seemed fitting to use it. RIP Dawgie, you are missed but not forgotten. 

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  1. These are super...I totally keep forgetting about my plastic marines. I really must digg them out and give them a fresh coat of paint. Cheers for the nudge.