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Wild Galaxy....setting & fluff

Its not all Post Apocalyptic madness here. I do like a bit of Sci-Fi fun too. You cant beat a few space ship battles or scraps over some remote station with pirates. 

Over the years I put together my own setting as I love to create my own factions. It is inspired by the Firefly/Serenity TV series/Movie but there is also salutes to the Freelancer computer game, Borderlands Computer game, Starship troopers, Alien(s), Red Dwarf and the Fullthrust/Stargrunt universe. There is some inspiration from the feel of the old 40K Rouge Trader universe too. 

I tend to steer clear from alien races other than bugs but I have included some Space Dwarves and Ratmen in my setting. I like the whole the bad guys are humans thing. Who knows as I get inspired I may add some one day. 

Enough of my rambling and on too the background fluff. I hope you enjoy it. 

Humanity ventured into space and made a glistening empire with Earth as its centre. Many worlds were terraformed and at the height of humanities empire there was an estimated 200,000 settled worlds and colonies. There were millions of space stations and asteroid stations through out the Galaxy. 

Earth was renamed Terra and its solar system was the most populated in the galaxy. Earth’s satellite was renamed Luna and became a massive place for Earth’s scientific communities to work and operate. Mercury had a special mining operation on it, Venus and Mars had been Terraformed. Mars became a massive military base for the empire. Venus was a sprawling mass of jungles and used as a holiday resort by those living in the Terra system. Mars’ moons, Titan, Pluto, Charon and many more places in the Solar system had bases on them. Every planet had a string of space stations. Several mining operations ran in the asteroid belt. 

When the empire had reached 500 years old a terrible incident happened. Terra simply exploded. No one knows how or why. Some claim an alien attack or some experiment that went wrong caused the event. 

The Terra system was devastated as each planet was subjected to meteor and storms which caused a great deal of devastation. Mars and Venus were worst damaged. Several space stations where destroyed and many more left as wrecks drifting in space. 

Earth was the glue which held the empire together and it unravelled as many wars started as quests for power  and control began. This lead to great destruction and countless billions lost their lives in the wars.

Today 100 Terra years on the galaxy is a wild and dangerous place filled with many small empires and many thousands of independent worlds and systems. In many places Corporations flourish without governing forces to interfere in their operations. They break deals and wage war on pirates, independent worlds and each other. Corporations like to asset strip worlds and are mistrusted. 

At the rim, the Galaxy edge there is a much higher density of independent worlds, bases and moons. Worlds and stations range from tribal savagery through to high tech glittering gems of civilization. There are many places were no one rules and many smaller factions scratch a living scavenging and salvaging. Since the empires collapse Piracy is a very real danger. 

Many worlds and stations through out the Galaxy where left in a state of devastation by the wars. Venus and Mars lie in ruins and are haunted by gangs of scavengers. A new Asteroid belt exists in Terra’s orbit, haunted by scavengers, treasure hunters and pirates. Luna was battered by Terra’s destruction and with out a world to anchor too it drifted out of the Solar system and its position is currently unknown. The other asteroid belt is currently controlled by pirates. Terra’s other bases have recovered slowly and live in constant conflict with each other for resources.

As the solar system of Mankind’s homeworld is now a solar bad lands littered with Pirates, scavengers and renegades the remains of the Terra Empire retreated to the worlds of Alpha Centauri system. They reformed the empire from the old one. 

The Nu Terra Empire is one of the largest in the Galaxy today but is only a fraction of its original size. It rules some 40 systems close to the Terra System and makes it presence felt in many more near its borders. Despite all this they have real problems trying to inflict any sort of law and order on what was the Terra System. However they keep doggedly trying to keep control of the home system. 

The Nu Terra Empire are looking for Earth’s lost satellite Luna and answers to what happened to Terra. They are also looking for a weapon or technology to give them the edge over other worlds so they can rise again to rule the Galaxy. 

Nu Terran Warriors wear light green or blue uniforms. Vessels car painted in a white livery with a blue dot insignia.

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  1. Really characterful fluff mate! I'm looking forward to seeing what you produce :)