Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Liberty City Mercs: Dust Co

Liberty City relies on the Watch to protect it and keep the peace on the streets. However they rely on Mercenaries to carry out military functions such as patrol the Outposts (called Stations by the city), patrol the areas beyond the city walls, make strikes against the cities enemies (Bandits, Raiders, Anarchists, Slavers, Nu Sodom City) and the usual stuff Mercs are used for. The Mercs are controlled by a Guild who ensure everyone is treated fairly and each Merc band has a compound within the cities walls. The Mercs work closely with the Watch and often Commander Venom is personally with them during attacks. 

Here is Dust Co. This band started life as a group of Stalkers. After performing a few missions controlling mutants in the ruins they realised they had a talent for Mercenary work. Dust Co will employ Stalkers who fancy a change of pace from digging in the ruins or being chased by huge dribbley mutants. 

The Minis are EM4 hazmat troopers. 

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