Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Nu Sodom City

One of the most sinister cities on Matt Black World is New Sodom City. Ruled by several bandit gangs the city is a place where visitors go missing. Often they end up working as slaves wondering what happened in that Brothel, Gambling or Drugs den. NSC leaders employ well equipped warriors recruited from their own gangs to keep the peace and abduct anyone who takes their fancy. They are also handy for keeping those do gooders from Liberty City at bay. Both cities have been at war for decades. 

The figures are EM4 Combat Zone plastics with the heavy weapons and Command set arms. Their heads where replaced with Iron Pig Kolony rebel ones and putty hoods added. These guys once served as my Stalker Duty Faction.

As the three warriors I had where a bit lonely I decided to add some more. 

These minis are plastic Warzone Bauhaus conversions with Iron Pig heads. I forgot to sculpt hoods on them. Ah well we will pretend that never happened!  

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