Wednesday, 27 June 2012


The Lawbringers are a gang operating out of Liberty City. They see it as their mission to go out into the wastes and bring Law and Order to the Wastes. Often they pursue Raiders, Bandits and Slavers beyond the City's Territories. Lord Snipe is happy for this gang to operate like this as it eases the burden on the City's Watch and Mercs. He helps them along by putting bounties on the heads of bandit leaders or other unpleasant characters. 

Commander Venom of the Watch distrusts them seeing the gang as a bunch of vigilantes. 

The minis are a mixed bad. The woman is unknown, foundry maybe? The guy at the front with the Shotgun is Copplestone, the two guys at the back are EM4 and the Robot is by Golgo Island (East Riding Miniatures). The woman at the front was not painted by me. She was one of those Ebay purchases. 

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  1. Nice work mate - and you're right, the woman is a Foundry model