Sunday, 10 June 2012

Govannon Mountain Light Patrol

Up in the North of Matt Black God's world there lies a mountain range. Here lives the Govannon mountain faction. This faction produces all manner of weapons and kit in their underground facilities. Stories tell of a warren of tunnels running through Govannon mountain and the surrounding hills. However as they are very secretive no one really knows for sure. 

What outsiders don't know is that before the end of Matt Black God's world this faction was a trading post from the Govannon system (enter my cunning plan to also use these minis in my Sci-Fi setting too). Their complex was underground as this is natural to their species and this saved them when the planet was nuked. 

"Wanna Trade?"  - I love this mini.

"Dont try any funny stuff cos I have my boys with me!"

This force is normally assigned to escorting Govannon trade convoys or long range patrols into the wastelands. They also do a little trading of their own. Govannon is allied to the nearest neighbours Lanc who also live in the mountain range.

The Minis are Harlequin Space Dwarves. Quite nice characterful minis. I stripped and repainted these as some varnish went funny. The one thing I hate about them is the eyes are quite recessed and a total pain to paint. 

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  1. Hmmm - those are nice sculpts. I have tended to ignore the BTD sci-fi range in favour of their historicals, but I may just have to take a look!