Monday, 22 October 2012

Post Apocalyptic Rubble Fortress!

Back on the Post Apoc Wargames forum we like to run challenges for fun. The 2012 one was to build a Post Apoc fortification. Here is the result of my own madness....

A well set up operation such as Vali's Fortress had access to some looted heavy machinery (dont forgot to loot those industrial parks kids, you never know what is left there!). Large Slabs of concrete recycled from the ruins where buried upright in the ground and had large piles of dirt stacked at the bottom to secure them. In addition to this metal plates and other scrap is added to the fortress to make it tougher.

The Wall sections are 6" in length. There is a gate and two corner sections allowing a fair bit of flexibility from the set. It is intended to cross a 4 foot table or to be used at one of the edges.

I found a load of 2 x 1" polystyrene packing pieces from a mirror we got last year. These are in the region on 3 to 5 foot long. I chopped them up to make the dirt piles and some of the rubble walls. Other bits of Polystyrene packaging was then chopped up to make the rest of the rubble walls. I also made scrap wall sections out of recycled Itunes cards for some variety.

This is likely to be pic heavy so brace yerselves.....

I still need to look into building steps, ladders, tower and bridges for the gantries/firing steps. There is a couple of misaligned bits that could benefit from old rusty plates to plug a breach or three. Anyway on with the eye candy! 

The Gate! The Gate!!

The gate open....

The scrap wall!

You get some weird cults out in the wastelands....

Inside shot!

There you go...10 months of off and on work to produce this. It will be great for backdrops for games or pictures too. 

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  1. As I said on LAF, this is great. I agree a tad of weathering would add to it.