Sunday, 7 October 2012

Tengun Empire in 15mm

I have been hankering to give 15s a go for ages. I found a pile of minis I got off ebay before perverse quantities of money was asked for a mini (looong ago!). 

I have my own Space Opera setting I call "Wild Galaxy" covering space nations. This was started in Starship scales for scratch built and bought fleets. Then 28mm followed but giving the cool 15s out there I dug these out to paint them to give 15mm a whirl. 

First up - the Warriors of the Tengun Empire

The Tengun Empire is a largely piratical bunch of ex criminals. Some history...

As the Terra Empire collapsed the prisoners on Nicoli, in the Tengun system rebelled. Fighting started in the world’s prison hives. It was intense and pretty violent. They took over the penal world and looked to free the other Penal Worlds in the system. After several years of struggle they had freed the assorted scum in the Penal worlds of Sans Mary and Overton. 

The criminals set up a new civilisation. For many years the system was as criminal’s paradise but it is now coming under new rule and its enforcers brutally put down any one who stands against it or breaking its laws. Uprisings by the Institution and Paddy’s killers gangs where slapped down and the Tengun Emperor’s rule, a character called Big George is now unchallenged. 

The world of Nicoli rules the system. Nicoli is a barren desert world. Sans Mary is mostly deserts around the world equatorial regions although it has large temperate zones the Tengun’s use to produce crops. Overton is a barren atmosphere less world that is covered by enclosed bases. Bull’s Ring is a large circular space station at the systems edge beyond the Overton Debris fields (massive fields of scrap generated by the penal colonies that where dumped in space). 

The criminals of the worlds have modified civilian ships adding armour and weapons. The Tengun Empire does not produce vessels but will happily modify any vessels they capture to suit their needs. 

The Tengun Empire’s ships are painted grey with yellow highlights. The Tengun flag is also present on larger vessels – three yellow balls set in a triangle pattern linked by a yellow line. The Yellow balls represent the three worlds of the "Empire" (which is little more than a very small space nation). 

The Tengun fleet looks beyond its own system for goods to survive and prey’s on other fleets out in space. They detest Space Pirates as they are competition and will attack them upon discovery. 

Light Power Armored warriors with Grav flight packs. 

Minis are Laserburn I think. 

Armoured in armour fashioned from scrap in the space fields Tengun Warriors raid! 

A rival - A Power Armoured Space Pirate in my Standard Space Pirate Colours (I use it on ships and everything else I can)...

I suspect I am going to like this scale but I wont be able to tell fully until I have painted the next lot in the loot pile. 


  1. They are looking good mate, and they fit the background very well - how many more have you got to go?

  2. About 22. They are Lasreburn Mercenaries. 12 infantry, 4 light power armour and 6 heavy power armour. I am thinking about the Anglo Syno Alliance from Firefly for those. They will make a good counterbalance for Tengun in raiding games. I have some GZG NAC in 15mm painted some place too. I will be using them as Mercenaries.