Monday, 22 October 2012

Some buildings, toxic pool and a big hole...

I have been a busy boy with the 28mm terrain this weekend. The old rubble fortress is done and now these bits.....

Another dodgy exit from down below. Perhaps it leads to the tunnels below? Or maybe something unpleasant lurks down there? 

Furthering my Post Apoc city plans...a block house..built from test bits I used when experimenting on the best corridor widths for 28mm.  Never throw anything away! 

Hungry? Tinker's Rat on a Stick emporium has some serious competition in the Wastelands....Lets go get some Pizza!!

Built from a card desk tidy/pen holder my Lady was throwing out. It was too nice to waste. Believe it or not Rad Pizza is inspired by a Pizza Shop local to me which is also called Rad Pizza! 

Where would any Post Apocalyptic setting be without a pool of toxic goo? 

One of the resin barrel sets I got for the tunnel terrain had damaged and split barrels in it. It seemed fitting I made one of these. The base is a CD and GW Water effect has been used to get the liquid look. 

And just for eyecandy....My PA city so far...

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