Monday, 22 October 2012

The Alliance - 15mm

The Alliance was formed from three space nations. New China, The Galactic States of America and the United Anglo States (China, USA and a mix of British & Canadian colonies). As the Nu Terran empire asserted itself it launched massive attacks on all the newly formed space nations. Deadly planetary bombardments left the worlds Nu London, Beijing and Manhattan as radioactive contaminated ruins. Washington, Manchester and Glasgow narrowly escaped from light bombardments as their brave fleets performed desperate suicide runs on the Nu Terra battleships.

Other pressures on these nations came from the Neo Soviet Peoples Federation, Europa and a mixed bag of homegrown terrorists. In this time of need they formed the Alliance which has since become a federated state with its capitol at Hong. The Alliance became the superpower in the Galaxy controlling over 90 systems. They forced Nu Terra and its other enemies to peaceful negations. Despite the "peace" between the major powers it doesn't stop frontier skirmishes between them.  

The Alliance has influence in the outer worlds and trys to play big brother whenever they can causing much mistrust and hatred of the Alliance. 

Two squads of infantry 

Heavily armoured infantry with grav packs. 

Power Armoured Alliance troops. 

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