Sunday, 20 January 2013

I have been painting minis - honest!!!

I have been busy with a few Frozen Wastes and Steampunk/VSF figures over the last couple of weeks. They are done but my figures are trapped behind a evil demonic cat. All out warfare broke out among my cats recently and one of them seems to be possessed. She has set up camp outside the hobby room and I cant get in. I would move her but I don't want to stress her out more besides which my chain mail suit is at the cleaners. 

This has hampered me getting pictures of the said minis and grabbing my flock for a couple of Frozen Wastes bits of terrain I am working on. There is a gang and a set of mercenaries for the Frozen Wastes and a group of Aero/ether Pirates for Steampunk/VSF. The mini total is currently 13 painted this year. 

There is a new British Post Apocalypse I am working on too. The figures will be more modern and it will see levels of freezing similar to the film "The Day After Tomorrow". These minis will be able to be used for my Frozen Wastes factions too. 

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