Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Skull Bandits - Aero Pirates

Aero Pirates curse of the skies!! 

Time for a little more VSF/Steampunk. 

Its Kaptain Skullduggery and his crew, know in the Aeronef circles as "The Skull Bandits". Flyers beware!! 

They may also be used for my Sci-Fi Firefly-esq setting as a rival ships crew. 

The mins are from Anvil Industries. The guy third from right has a different arm. I lost it. In typical fashion the arm turned up after I had finished painting the minis. DOH! 

These minis are resin and have real crisp detail work on them making them a joy to paint. Hats off to the bods at Anvil Industries. They are true 28mm in scale and should work well with Hasslefree and other 28mm true figures. 

I guess I will have to make a zeppelin or Aeronef for the Skull Bandits now!! lol