Sunday, 27 January 2013

More Warriors from the Frozen Wastes.

Daring Eagles Mercenaries

When the world ended and froze a small bunker of military was trapped high in the mountains. They where kitted up for sub zero conditions. After a year or so they raided local populations of survivors for women. Now their Sons and Grandsons carry on their traditions. These trained warriors operate as Mercenaries in the Frozen Wastes. 

The minis are old Warzone Alpine troops (Thanks Xander). I puttied over the cast eagles on the Shoulder pads as it was easier than filing them off! This was my attempt at a Alpine style camouflage pattern. 

When supplies get low survivors go to seek salvage to keep their crew arrive. Often these Scavengers can be seen wandering the frozen wastes looking for food or other supplies. 

The minis are Kallistra Sci-Fi. The guy in the middle had a miscast face. So I filled it back then resculpted a mask and face scarf. The hood had to be rebuilt with putty too. 

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