Sunday, 24 November 2013

Yet more Trash builds...

These are likely to be my final builds for 2013. Our house goes into Xmas overdrive when December hits. So no hobby stuff will happen until early 2014. Still it gives me time to mull over new ideas. Don't worry I will dig out some older works and post them up during the silly season for your enjoyment.

Anyway on with the fun. First up as 15mm Sci-Fi Gun tower.

This started out as a couple of Kinder Egg pods. I believe that these are not available in the USA so for our American cousins I will explain. The Kinder Egg is a chocolate egg for kids. Inside there is a plastic pod which contains a small toy. These are sometimes handy for bits (I recently found some cars suitable for 15mm in them).
Originally I was playing around with them looking to make a Star Ship for my Wild Galaxy setting. It kind of looks like a dalek.

I made a stack of them by snapping the plastic hinge on the pods to split them. It was then glued to a bottle cap. The sensors are stick on jewels. The gun is a heavy weapon from a combat zone ganger heavy weapons arm. The weapon was moulded in with putty. There was a access hatch made from putty at the rear. The signs are labels from Zoids & cheap toy kit cars.

Of course this model can also be used with 28mm as a automated weapons post.

A couple of Vault Dwellers set up the weapons turret to keep the Raiders at bay.

The next item was made as a what is it??

It could be a Radar/Sensor, a Communications tower, a power node, a power field generator, a PSI field generator or a brain scorcher/doomsday device!

This started life as a small dessert carton with a toy golf ball on top. The rivets are simple punched card. The cables and access panel are made from putty.

I did originally make this to top one of my other trash builds....

There you go...the building is now the objective. Hopefully at some point there will be a turret made for this building that I can swap when needed.

A finally....what is any wasteland without some old billboards?

This sign was started looooongggg ago. It sat there unloved until today. Its quite simple to make and there will be more. The back is a old plastic gift card. The posts are old plastic lollipop sticks and the base was a scrap of foamboard/foamcore. See never throw anything out. The sign was from the Borderlands game I found on the internet. The tricky bit was printing it so it fits the plastic gift card. Quick, simple and easy.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, thanks for reading.

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