Monday, 7 July 2014

Fresh 15mm loot.

Recently (well a couple of weeks ago) I was a little older (but not any wiser). Dicehead - one of my friends over on Post Apoc Wargames Forum (if you are not a member - why not???) sent me a Birthday gift. His entire 15mm collection.... Very generous of you Dicey! Cheers! 

I have not counted them but I think there must be close to 200 figures in this lot. Maybe more. There is everything in here from Romans to Aliens. There is also some not Judge Dredd & Spug figures. There will be much needed reinforcements for the 24th Browncoats ( Rim Mercs & Cold War Russians) and a one of the Hullscape gangs for Wolfden. In the pile is a gang of Cultists....expect some fun for planet Wolfden in the near future. 

There is some British Colonials and what appears to be some North American Indians (Mohawks) which will make great post apoc tribals. 

Thank You Dicehead. 

Ok....who's next with the gifts???  ;) 

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