Sunday, 20 July 2014

Meet the Meatheads.

Another gang for Planet Wolfden. Introducing the Meatheads. 

The Meatheads are a gang that live in one of the many dead starship hulks that litter the Hullscape region of planet Wolfden. The Meatheads like to bulk up watching body building holovids. Their weapons and primitive armour are made from scraps from the starship hulk they inhabit. 

This gang like to raid other Hullscape gangs, Corporation bases and the Space Port. One thing they consider a hobby is to go head to head with the Rogues gang when ever they can. The Meatheads keep a bunch of bikes which they like to use in these raids. 

The figures and bikes are by The Scene Miniatures from the Wasteland Warriors range. 

I left the armament off most of the bikes as I don't like big guns on two wheelers. I put ammo boxes over the holes. As a biker the big side mounted guns offend my eye and sensibilities. The guns are outside the weight triangle which would make it handle akin to a fully loaded shopping trolley with a stuck wheel. Firing the guns would make the bike lose control and probably crash. So they are in the spares pile. 

These figures would make great Space Orks should someone fancy doing Gorkamorka in 15mm. Hmmm a future project me thinks! 

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