Sunday, 27 July 2014

Wasteland Wondering - 27 Jul 2014

Welcome to another Wasteland Wondering blog post. There has been little hobby related stuff going on here in the last week. There has been a couple of family crises this week and hot beautiful weather.

I have been thinking out my new Modern Post Apocalyptic setting as mentioned in my last Wasteland Wondering blog post.

I am looking at a setting which involves a Asteroid Storm destroying the world. There will be a few big slammer asteroids that cause craters but these tend to destroy massive areas. One hit on the UK or Europe would wipe out a couple of  large cities. The plan is to have a bombardment of smaller asteroids explode in air-bursts which is often the case with these sized rocks. They would destroy quite a bit and there would be a  thermal burst causing fires. The fragments would still be large enough to smash buildings and possibly explode at ground level. 

I have played about a sliding timeline. However I have settled on a 3-5 years after the end as a starting point. As time rolls on I may progress the time line to. 

As for the content I am looking at elements from the Babylon's Burning & Across the Dead Earth game background. Ideas from the Toxic World Novels and the End of the World Running Club novel will be added and stirred into the pot. There will be a few thousand of my own ideas including some of my old Babylon's Burning campaign ideas. 

I have already named the remains of the UK government (called the State in my last Wasteland Wondering Post) as New Albion and mapped out their control of the SE part of England and possible mission locations beyond their control. 

For New Albion and other factions I will be using some Modern British figures. Their weapons and kit will be widespread. Ex-soldiers and well equipped scavs will be a part of most factions. These figures will need tweaking to make them look like a Post Apoc force. I have some figures equipped with SLRs (British Army Issue semi auto version of the FN FAL from the cold war era). My reasoning there will be some old stocks of these weapons in old cold war bunker stores. 

The main focus of my setting will be my local city although I hope to create stuff from all over the UK. Whilst I am looking and the UK I will be adding some bits to the background which will cover other parts of the ruined world. Hopefully some of my friends from around the globe will be inspired to add their local details & creations to the mix. 

Digging around I found my old Babylon's Burning campaign map. This was a old Ordnance Survey map of Liverpool. It has damage, flood zones and faction locations added. It was good for deciding on where possible scavenging and loot locations. One thing that struck me is how lightly Liverpool got off last time (destruction was decided by dice rolls). I will be adding further damage to the area. The factions will be reworked of course. 

In recommend the local map idea for any post apoc gamers. It adds extra color to your game and setting. A club can relate to a area they know. 

Anyway - I am off to start writing up some of the background....

Thanks for reading! 


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