Monday, 7 July 2014

New additions to the 15mm collection.

I have been working on some 15mm figures this week but things at home distracted me from finishing them. So you will have to take a peek at the terrain and vehicles I managed to get finished last week. I also discovered some of my older 28mm terrain would work for my 15mm stuff. 

First up is a Data Spire...need to find something on the Galactic Wide Web? Then you go to the Data Spire. 

The Data Spire is made from some left over Hexagon Platformer Pieces. 

The Wolfden Enforcers have a hard time dealing with the gangs of the Badlands and Outback. This APC levels things up a little. The Heavy Machine Gun can provide much needed fire support. 

The APC is a cheap Chinese toy repainted.

No wargame table is complete without some ruins....
Made from some old scraps of foamboard and a plastic gift card as a base. 

And now for the older terrain portion of this blog post....

These where originally made as post apoc or frontier world buildings for 28mm. They where made from scraps of foamboard, cork tile and cardboard. 

The door is a little large for 15mm but too low for 28mm. Maybe I used a Smogger for scale? 

This was supposed to  be a outhouse...

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