Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A couple of more Post Apoc gangers

I have got a couple of Post Apoc gangers for my Post Modern Post Apoc setting:- After the End. 

The first guy is another member of the Rusties gang, who live on a rusting beached ship wreck. 

The figure is a Copplestone Scavenger. 

Toffee's Crew are a gang living in a part  ruined sports stadium and have control of some of the old parklands near by. However their rivals - the Kopheads gang in the other stadium on the other side of the parklands dispute the park. The two gangs cannot be close to each other without a fight starting. They are banned from trading at Boxfort if the other gang is there. Such is the friction between them. The Toffees are easily distinguished by the thick blue line tattooed down the center of the face.

The mini is a Neutron York 3000 militia figure. 

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