Saturday, 13 September 2014

New minis for the Liverpool Wastelands

Here are some newly painted minis for my Liverpool Wastelands. I also hope to outline some of the factions for the new setting which will give you all a better picture of my new setting. 

The Sniffers: 
For some life after the end is too much. They need something to remove them from the harsh realities around them. Drugs, alcohol and solvent abuse is how some deal with this. Some reach a stage where old solvents found out in the are the only fix they can get. These unfortunate folks are called the Sniffers. 

Sniffers are chemical addicts found in the ruins usually out of their skulls from sniffing the solvent goo found in the petrol tanks of the old wrecks. Other places such as old airports or petrochemical plants also attracts them. Sniffers are easy to spot. Their eyes and noses are often running and drool runs down their faces. Sniffer's clothes are often ragged and they are covered in their own filth. They use tin cans or old plastic bags to hold the chemicals they love too much. Sniffers move in a staggering way like they are drunk. This changes when they are riled when seem to become tireless and deadly quick. They are often starving and will attack anyone they see for supplies. Sniffers often live on rats and are not beyond cannibalism turning on their own for food. Luckily Sniffers are unoften unarmed as they lose them and are easy to fool. 

My first sniffer. One of many. I will need lots of figures as they may not hold out against a small group armed with automatic weapons. The figure is a Mongoose Cursed Earth Wastelander. 

The Kopheads: 

The Kopheads are a gang that live in the ruins of Anfield stadium. They use the pitch to grow crops. They also control a portion of nearby parkland. They try to survive like most in these times in any way they can. Toffee's crew live in the Goodison stadium on the other side of the park and hold a portion of the park. The Kopheads hate the Toffees and want to expand into their turf. Their objectives are to survive, to control all the parklands, get one over on the other factions in the ruins especially the Toffees. 

The mini is a Mongoose 2000AD Cursed Earth figure. 

The Loonies: 
The Loonies control an old Secure Mental facility for the Criminally Insane on the northern Liverpool ruins. They run raids into the surrounding areas and city for supplies. 

Mad Maz of the Loonies. 

Mad Maz is another figure from the Mongoose Cursed Earth set. This figure is one of  my favorites as he has lots of character. 

The Rusties: 

The Rusties are a gang that lives on a ship wreck that was found adrift by Boxfort and they ran aground so they could remove the vessel's cargo of machine parts that had a old Russian arms shipment hidden in it. After Boxfort abandoned it the Rusties moved in. Due to the proximity of Boxfort's lands the gang are endorsed by Boxfort which uses them as extra muscle when needed. The gangers are also allowed to work in Boxfort's factories. 

The figure is a EM4 plastic with a limited edition metal torso. Its not the best casting but it was free so I am not complaining. It had a rock and a placard which wasn't much use for Post Apoc. I switched the arms with Wargames factory female survivors plastic arms. 

I see the Rusties in military fatigues and get some good loot from Boxfort such as automatic weapons.

The Stonies: 
The Stonies are a strange mob of cultists who live in parklands in the south of the Liverpool ruins. They worship a set of stone age standing stones that reside in this old park. The Stonies capture folks and sacrifice them to the stones. It has not been established if they resort to cannibalism. The Stonies have a problem. The Scouseland enclave in the Southern part of the city ruins wants the Stonies gone and they covert the parklands they live in. 

This Stonie has the standing stone's carvings painted upon his shield. The figure is a plastic LOR Urk Hai with a gas hood head, a tyre shoulder pad and a plastic sword from the bits box. 

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  1. Post Apocalyptic is on its way and it is looking good