Saturday, 13 September 2014

Building Up Competition:- Elevated Living Accommodation - WIP

 As a regular over at the Post Apoc Wargames Forum I decided to have a go at the Building UP competition. I always wanted to make some elevated shacks. It occurs to me that living in the end of times it would make sense. Keeps you above all those nasties creeping around after dark. 

Me being me, I have hundreds of ideas running around my skull. I will try to build one but I know I will probably get carried away and end up making a few. 

So on with this WIP. My vision for this one is a shack built on top of a ruin. 

Basic building materials. 5mm thick blue foam and our old friend the old CD. 

I painstakingly drew the bricks on using a pencil. The trick to this is to go over the bricks a couple of times with the pencil to get that worn brickwork. I also distressed it with various items (read as whalloped it) to make the bricks look rough. The posts are there to support the shelter that will go above the ruin. 

Still a fair bit to do on this one. Keep watching. 

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