Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Dr Ted's Surgery and a Hab. 28mm Sci Fi buildings.

Last year I knocked up a couple of 28mm Sci Fi buildings from junk aimed at Frontier Type Worlds. Then the Christmas Season landed and they where put to the back of the production line. I got into the mood to finish them this week. 

First up Dr Ted's Surgery:- 

This build started life as a cheap plastic bowl you usually by in packs for picnics. I liked the shape of these bowls and I have a few more for future builds should I be inspired. 

I started by coating the interior of the bowl with PVA glue and newspaper. When dry this was added to with more coats of glue and more newspaper. Keep going until you have a few layers. This reinforces the plastic. The door was cut out and then plastic card used to make a door. The door frame is good old model kit sprue. Various odds and ends from the bits box was added to the top. There is pen tops and bottle tops on there. 

The rear of the Surgery. The windows are M6 Washers glued on. The whole building was painted with textured paint to give that sandy look. 

Dr Ted is inspired by a character from the Borderlands computer games - Dr Zed and the other Dr, Dr Ned (who is Zed with a false mustache). Various other Borderlands inspired graffiti was added. The wanted poster was made up on my computer. 

Well not all the graffiti is Borderlands inspired. 

The next build was a creme rice type dessert pot that was destined for the land fill until I salvaged it. This is intended to be a domicile.

 Like the last build I coated the interior of the tub with layers of newspaper and PVA glue. I made this quite thick on this tub as it was quite flimsy. I cut up a plastic container that mini eggs came in which made the door. Some plastic conduit fittings make up the windows. The door way was cut out. I folded bits of the tub back and pushed the fittings/mini egg tub in. I filled any gaps with poly filler or hot glue. Bits and bobs from this build along with scraps of corrugated card to the outside to give a ramshackle look to the building. 

The windows are covered with embroidery mesh. The roof was adorned once again with bits of pens. The exterior of the building was given lots of textured paint. 

 The door itself is made from plastic card. 

Once again I adorned the building with Borderlands inspired graffiti. 

The building looks okay for 28mm but it also looks like it may make a good building for 15mm scale too. 


  1. Nice work it looks great and as you show in the photos useful for both 15 and 28mm :)

  2. Those are some really cool bits of terrain!