Saturday, 2 May 2015

Wasteland Wondering

Hello and welcome back to another wasteland wondering. I have to apologise to my followers. This blog hasn't been getting the love it deserves from me as life has been... um.. interesting.

In the last month I have gotten a new (old) car,

 we had a couple weeks of sunshine (which doesn't happen very often around these parts) which lead to a few road trips in the PT. It is a curiously addictive car. Although I have toyed with spraying it matt black.

 I found the motorbikes that I have been hoping to restore are largely beyond hope which lead to bike and bike part hunting. Selling my old car was painful. I was asking a decent price and it was amazing just how many people wanted it for less than the scrap value. My lady and I had a virus for a couple of weeks and work got insanely busy. While all this has been going on  I have been avoiding anything to do with the new Mad Max movie (and anything to to with the forthcoming elections) whilst counting down the days until I can see the movie. The worst thing that has happened this month was my oldest cat passed on at the ripe old age of 18. Which has left my remaining two cats a bit clingy attentive.

All this in turn has had me jumping around between hobby projects and ideas like a jumping bean. I have been working on a river project (which has stalled), started a few vehicles as command units for my Gruntz forces (which has stalled), started some 15mm water towers (which has also stalled, spotting a theme yet?) and I my skittish mind has just started a 28mm undercity/under hive project. I hope to get some WIP blog posts soon. Or if I get my finger out or focus for more than a few minutes finish some actual finished models.

I have been reading the Hammers Slammers novels. I am part way through the second volume. They are great inspiration for anyone into SF Wargaming. There is plenty of scenario ideas from small skirmish up to companies slugging it out. It is easy to see how the novels inspired the Wargame.

I got a box of assorted figures as a gift from a friend (thanks Tinker). There is a gang of Gorkamorka Diggas. I am thinking of using them as neighbours to Greasy Poon. Tinker also included some 2000 AD Judges and a Hammerstein ABC warrior figure. I really look forward to getting those painted up. Thank you Tinker.

In the dark depths of mini pile there is some Necromunda Rat skins and Scavvys. The plan is to use them as under city gangs for Utopia City.

That is all for now. Hopefully there will be more blog posts soon, whilst I try to dodge Mad Max trailers. 


  1. Seem to be having some similar issues over here as well so perhaps its the time of year! Looking forward to seeing some more wip bits.

  2. That's a lot of events in one's life. For Mad Max, I am not impressed about the actor they selected. Not seen trailers or movie yet, and hoping I am wrong.

    1. I have seen him in a few things and I think he may pull it off.