Sunday, 24 May 2015

15mm goodies....

Welcome back to my hobby blog. Once again life has had me plate spinning. As a result I have not gotten as much hobby stuff done as I would have liked or found the time to record the bits I have got done here. 

One thing I have been plodding along with is some odd and ends for my 15mm science fiction stuff. I like working on the 15s I seem to rattle through my work. 

I was at a loose end and felt creative so I decided up knock up a couple of liquid storage towers out of junk laying about. One is for Water and the other for Fuel. 

These were quite easy to construct. The tank part are old bottle tops super glued together. The blue one has four bottle tops. The stands are those plastic things you get in take away pizza boxes which are supposed to stop the pizza sticking to the box lid. The pipes are drinking straws and there is some plastic card on the bases. 

Another addition is a Mad Max style wasteland cruiser. This was made in anticipation of the vehicular madness that would make a vehicle loon like myself drool (my dream job would be to build these movie vehicles). 

The car was a 1-100 scale car which you can bags of off evilbay. I chopped it up and added a mesh window. A mounted machine gun by Brigade gives the rig some fire power. The wheels are resin items by Zinge. I suspect they are supposed to be for 28mm equipment. But the work a treat as sand wheels in 15mm. 

This car will see action serving what ever group needs a escort or fast scout.

Every Freetrader needs something to run supplies and crew around. There are plenty of older designs laying about on frontier planets which can be taken and repaired.  

This is a Matchbox truck which had a quick repaint. 

The Mads tribals have gotten a support vehicle which I will use as a command option for them in Gruntz. 

This started life a 1/76 Puma Tank destroyer. I lost the gun added a roof and machine gun from Brigade. Some odds and ends from the bitz box where added to finish. 

The 24th Browncoats have another recon vehicle for their force. 

The 24th already have one of these so it seemed a good idea to give them a upgunned version. This is a Matchbox Safari landrover with mesh added and cloth doors made from putty. A autocannon from brigade was added for a bit of firepower. 

The forces of the Cyberdan got another Mech. 

I am not sure what this mini is. But it makes a great robot. 

The forces of the New Terra Alliance needed a command option so I built this walker. 

Twin autocannons and a multi barreled heavy machine gun should cause the enemy some problems. 

The legs are off a Combat Zone Robot, body some sort of GW 40K Tau combat suit. Beads make up the weapon gimbals. The weapons are off the Tau suit and donor plastic robot. Beads and other bits add small details. 

That's all for now. Thanks for looking. 


  1. You have been busy! fabulous work on it all mate!

  2. That bot turned out great! Very clever use of the Tau bits :)