Saturday, 9 May 2015

Undercity Terrain WIP

On mattblackgod's world lies Utopia City which survived the Apocalypse.  Think 2000AD's Mega City One. Like MC1 Utopia has a massive under city beneath the foundations, sewers and service tunnels. GW's Necromunda's under hive is also a massive inspiration.
First up I thought I would make a dice tower for the under city/under hive.

Constructed from a pringles tube, scrap bits of foam board, plastic card and cork tile.
Top side of the dice tower.

This is the first of many towers (I have been stashing pringles tubes for some time). I see these  towers as massive columns holding the top of the caverns.

Made from a cork pan tile, a pringles tube, lollypop sticks and scraps of card/mesh from another project. 

The ladder is bits of matchsticks and coffee stirrers.

There is also a trader post. Radiation Bob's Trading post.

The base is a cork pan tile (home bargains), the body is a nuka Xmas pudding tub, bits of cork and other junk for the walls an barricades. Press mold made barrels and crates. The pipes are straws.

That's all for now....There is some small details to add and then it's paint time. 

Thanks for looking.