Sunday, 2 August 2015

20mm Post Apoc - Blood & Fire.

With all the recent Mad Max madness I have been a little obsessed with crazy post apocalyptic vehicles.....well a little more obsessed than I usually am anyway. 

Hotwheels & Matchbox produces lots of cool cars for customization for reasonable prices. This has lead to my interest in 20mm Post Apoc being rekindled. 

Back in the day I was a huge Dark Future fan and I still have my set. It seems a waste to leave the models gathering dust. This project will allow them to Live Again!

About 12 years ago I had long period of sick from work. I discovered the Axles and Alloys game and set to converting hotwheels cars like a demented mad man. Axles and Alloys got me back into the hobby. After converting several dozen cars (a lot of which I sold a few years ago) I discovered there was few figures out there to game this which lead to my return to 28mm for figure based games.

Recently I discovered in the lead pile a pack of 20mm near future I picked up from Evilbay a few years ago. So I thought I would paint them and make a start into 20mm Post Apoc. 

It is going to be a arid desert world similar to the Mad Max series, the Rage and Darkwind computer games. I have decided to call the setting Blood & Fire. 

Most of the world's surface water has boiled off. The seas are pretty much gone and large deserts are in their place known as "The Salt" to the survivors. Some of the world's great fresh water lakes have survived but at a much lower level. They have given rise to green zones. Small oases where the only vegetation (and food) grows. 

In a place that once was the North American Great Lakes lies a large green zone. It is protected by a great wall and a force of warriors. This place is called "Civilization" and has several towns. The Capitol Town is Sanctuary. President Smeeg rules Civilization. 

Smeeg is accompanied everywhere by his bodyguard Jess, a ruthless trained killer. 

Civilization has the Nu Life Corporation which helps Civilization stay ahead of the Crazies in the Wastelands beyond the wall. It produces the Interceptors which the Mags use to patrol the Wastelands beyond the wall.  

Dr X is Nu Life's head scientist. He invented the H2O diffuser which pulls moisture out of the atmosphere. The Diffusers are the life blood for many outlying farms and townships. Dr X often heads out beyond the wall in a ambulance and a brace of escorting Interceptors with his assistant Nurse E looking for old world tech and samples of mutation for research. 

Dr X goes out unarmed but Nurse E keeps a pistol handy for dealing with the hostiles beyond the wall. 

The ambulance is a cheap Chinese toy van. It is decorated with junk from the bits box. The ambulance is armed with a flame thrower turret. It is a bead and metal tube. 

There are some dangerous gangs living in Civilization. They live inside Civilization but have bases a few miles beyond the wall. The gangs prey on on convoys inside Civilization and hide the loot beyond the wall. On such gang is the Dead Eye Gang. 

The Dead Eye Gang is a trio of bothers. 

L to R - Plug, Theo and Woody. 

Woody drives the pickup whilst Theo mans the machine gun. When the gang makes a hit the pickup gets loaded with loot and they haul it off before the Mags arrive. 

The pickup is a Matchbox car upgraded with junk from the bits box. 

Plug rides in a buggy. It rips up quickly and Plug uses the twin barreled elephant gun to punch big holes into the transport. The buggy then races away before any return fire can damage the buggy. 

The buggy is a Matchbox buggy. Bits of card and junk from the bits box give it the Wasteland look. 

This is going to be an on off project but I have lots of ideas. All I need to do is hunt down figures from various places. 

Thanks for looking.