Sunday, 23 August 2015

Wasteland Terrain

Welcome back. 

Undercity terrain is not the only projects I have been working on. There has been some Wastelands terrain too. I have also acquired some terrain projects. 

The air cleaner. These can be found out in the wastelands and in various places in Utopia City. The kit is a MDF model from Wargame-Model-Mods. I am not too happy with the painting of the window. 

Again the posters where printed off on my printer. 

I intend this terrain piece to be the objective in my first Roach Jones game "Escape to the Undercity". 

The Objective building...

This building is intended to be an objective in various games. It will be a medical unit/clinic/hospital, old store, office block, factory, military barracks or police station as the scenario demands. 

The locals didn't like being  locked out when the end happened. 

The model is a MDF  kit by Wargame-Model-Mods. 

I have some magnets and I plan to put some swapable signs which will change the building's use for the relative scenario. Now I need to make some metal plates which will have printed signs glued to them. 

The old Bunker Entrance....

This was gifted to me by my friend Xander along with a few other bits
. He made it many years ago from what I think was a Hotwheels playset. 

This is another "Xander". It will be used as an objective or scatter terrain.

Another item from Xander is this 1:50 scale pickup truck. I think the Warboys are excited that they may have a new Warrig. 

Now I have caught up with my blog backlog. Now what to do next? I have some additions for the Warboys clan and a possible figure for Roach Jones to paint. 

Then there is the rest of the Undercity terrain to finish. Or there is the pile of terrain from Amera Plastic Mouldings to crack on with. So much to do...and that is trying to avoid building 28mm wasteland vehicles, finishing my 15mm Hammers Slammers force, building hotwheels combat cars or 1:24 post apoc cars. So many little time. 

Thanks for looking. Cheers. 

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