Saturday, 27 August 2016

New Additions to the Wastelands.

I got a bunch of other minis in a box of Orks sent by my mate Xander. They are well painted and seeing as naff all else is going on thanks to the destructo kittens I thought I would post them up. This lot will be found wandering around mattblackgod's world.

These guys will probably see action as a Merc unit (the Z-team?). They have a couple of plasma weapons which are a rarity in the Wastelands. They may have found a lost SOS Bunker. 

A couple of Wastelanders. The guy on the left would fit in with the Warriors Gang. How ever I may use them to start a Across the Dead Earth gang. Or maybe low level muscle for the Mercs in the pic above. 

A raider chick. 

I have a few cultists and this guy would fit in what ever loony thing is being preached in the wastes today. 

Thanks for looking. 


  1. Lovely additions to the collection.

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    1. Sorry electric wave, I accidently deleted your comment when trying to reply. Doh. Thank you for your kind comment.