Saturday, 27 August 2016

Invader Remnants.

Back in the days before the end war raged across Mattblackgod's world. Armies invaded other states. Then it got out of hand and terrible biological weapons where rolled out. The fleet that arrived to peace keep and evacuate the civilians decided that these pantheons could not leave the world. They posed a threat to the fleet and other worlds. A massive orbital nuclear bombardment finished the job of killing the world.

The Invading forces where trapped in a destroyed world with little chance of returning to a home which probably didn't exist any more. Supplies were running low. The locals treated them with hatred and the Invaders retreated to a remote location. They maintained their culture and language. Many decades the Remnants descendants still hide their identity. Every now and then they raid for supplies spreading the fear of the legends of the old time Invaders. 

These figures were painted by Xander Warren. I am unsure of who makes them. They arrived with the big box of Orks. He used these guys as Vietcong in Vietnam war games. I have had a hankering of making a Remnants force for some time and these fit the bill nicely. I may have to rebase them. Cheers Xander. 

Thanks for looking. 

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