Saturday, 27 August 2016

Trogz- The WARRGGHHH arrives.

Welcome back to my blog. Posts have been a bit scattered of late. Part of this is due to the kittens I have running rampage throughout the house.

I have very slowly been working on bits for my Trog Gangs. Here is a Trog Big Mek and Big Warlord. These are WIP. 

The Big Mek is a standard 40K Kit and is slowly moving forward. The Big Warlord needs some greenstuff. I would like to add a larger cranium and some scars. This guy will be mutated. His large cranium is a mutation from visiting the ruins of Matt Black Ruins. It also makes him a little smarter than the rest of the Trogs. 

I decided I needed some bits  for vehicle building. So I visited the Fox Box  webpage. I got these lovely bits for my vehicle building. 
The castings are clean and there are no bubbles. They will not only be useful for my Trogs/Orks but would be useful for Post Apoc vehicles.  I will be ordering from Fox Box again. 

Discussing my Trog plans with my friend Xander, he told me he had a present for me. A few days later a large box arrived. In it a large horde for these guys....

There is enough there for a couple of mobs at least. I am thinking of one mob of Snakebites. 

There was all these bitz too. This should keep my Trog projects going for a long while. Thank you Xander....Mrs Mattblackgod isn't too happy with the extra little men. Hide! Hide I tell you! 

Thank you for looking. 

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