Thursday, 3 August 2017

Matt Black City Report. Day 8 Maps

Journal of Senior Mag Stevo.
Date 29060117

Day 8: Maps

Nothing much to report today. We have further cleared rooms on the top floors. Thankfully these blocks are similar in design to the ones back home in Utopia. We have set up the managers apartment as our command centre and armoury. The penthouse apartments will be medical bays, dorms, store rooms and common/mess rooms.

Magistrate Black and I went down the block 10 floors. Thankfully this block appears to have been deserted for a long time. It was a good workout climbing back up. I dread when we have to go to the street level. One hundred floors will be hard work.

Whilst we where on patrol Warren flew the drones on a high level data sweep of the ruins. Curiously it appears that several camps are now deserted. It is possible that these groups have joined other factions here in the ruins. Many of the human groups appear to be building walls and other fortifications. Mainly the Trog's appear uninterested in the humans unless they are provoked.

There isn't a lot to do at here in between the night watches . Last night I sketched up a couple of maps of these lands.

A general one of the Hell Zone area around the mountains, not to scale or very accurate as Warren kindly pointed out in a sarcastic tone (maybe I should put him on outhouse duty for a couple of weeks?). The other is a map of the city with the locations of the main factions.

This map shows the mountains that ring this area. There seems to be a few locations of interest in the hills that we spotted. There is probably a lot more in those mountains.

From the mountains through the city runs a a dried up river bed called dead gorge. It runs to what was the sea.

The sea is now many miles out leaving contaminated sands. The whole area is littered with wrecks and other debris generated by the sea before it shrank. The sea is likely to be highly polluted although the Trogs release of terraforming elements may have cleaned it a little. We will need to collect more data on this.

The wastelands around the ruins were highly toxic. The winds and dust have buried most of what was left of the old world. Odd building ruins like through the sands like broken teeth in a rad ghoul' s mouth. A old port lies half buried in the sands a few miles from what is now the coastline.

There seems to be three large settlements to the south of the city out in the wastelands . We will need to collect more data on them. We didn't scan all the wastelands of the hell zone. There could be more settlements out there.

The city itself looks like this:

One square equals one square mile. The numbered squares are settlements our drones have recorded out in the ruins. Our position is ringed in blue.

In the centre lies the Tomb of the Matt Black God. The PSI signal is being generated there. Trog Town surrounds it preventing us or anyone else from getting close. The Trogs seem to treat the Tomb with reverence.

In the North East quadrant of the ruins lies what is left of the city's Space Port. Wrecked hulks and transport containers no doubt providing much scavenging and salvage. Two settlements have set up here. No doubt they will end up fighting over the spoils. I am surprised the Trogs haven't claimed the space port.

The chasm crosses the city and there is a settlement at the bottom of the dried river bed. Another settlement appears on what was an island.

In the north west quadrant is a large area of greenery (the squares marked in green). There is a lot of plant life here and the ruins are seriously overgrown. It is a jungle down there.

In the south west section is three places to note. One is what is left of the capital's airport. The other is a large area of ruins which are still highly contaminated. We have nicknamed it "Nuclear Alley". The other is a large crater that appears to into the bowls of the undercity (assuming that Matt Black City is built in a similar manner to Utopia). We have called it "The Pitt".

The only place of interest apart from the settlements recorded in the south east quadrant is a over grown dome. There is jungle sprouting from it (note the green square marking it).

Both of these maps are on the wall of the command centre despite Warren and Black's mocking sarcastic remarks. I am unsure if Monks "ooh pretty pictures" remark was sarcasm or genuine enthusiasm. I will be detailing them further as we discover more about the city.

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