Saturday, 5 August 2017

Matt Black City Report day 9 - Supplies

Journal of Senior Mag Stevo.
Date 30060117

Day 9: Supplies

It has been eight days since we set off from Utopia and things were starting to look grim. Black kept talking about eating his boots and socks. Again I stopped him on health grounds, especially his socks. Monk claims they are a evolved life form of their own and highly toxic.

Things changed for the better today when Utopia contacted us and advised us to switch on the Shuttle's transponder.

Half an hour later two supply pods crashed onto the roof top. There was a third pod but the navigation system failed and it was lost near the mountains.

The supply pods are modified long range guided missiles with the warhead removed and a extended fuselage to take the cargo and extra fuel cells to extend the range.

We now have a extra solar still, solar panels, emergency lights, a small medi bot, survival kits, water canteens, anti radiation and toxins kits, extra munitions for our pistols, survival shelters, a solar heater, cooking kit, a data chip and about 2 weeks worth of food.

Sadly the missing pod contained perimeter sensors, spybot drones, a sentry gun with 2000 rounds, four assault rifles, 1000 rounds of ammo, more pistol ammo and frag grenades. Looks like we will have to rely on our side arms and basic Magistrate street kit. I hope the lost pod isn't found, that kit could set a gang up. Unlike our pistols the assault rifles do not have a DNA switch in them to prevent illegal use.

We got busy setting up and stowing the kit (after turning the transponder off!). Then we stripped the pods for parts. The engines maybe tradeable. The remaining fuel cells have been stored. Batteries and air vein charging systems have been jury rigged so we now have emergancy lighting on the top three floors.

Looking at this from another angle, I guess we may be alone here for at least another two weeks.

Examining the data chip on the Shuttle's reader it is filled with all manner of survival data, information on most of the world's factions known to us, Trog & Grot biology and as much information on the layout of this city and surrounding lands as Utopia could find in it's data banks. Both Monk and Warren are itching to study the data.

There is a new radio broadcast from the ruins. This is on the old public transmission bands and is unencrypted. Kraptoidiots have now set up a station advertising their awful products broken up by a babbling idiot playing the same three awful ear worm tunes. Much of the old personal tech found in the ruins (usually on human remains) will be able to pick up the broadcasts once recharged. I think K2I hope to have quite a audience.

Black and Warren think we should storm the site and take out the station just for the musical content alone. I suspect after a short while the gangs here may be doing that for us!

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