Sunday, 20 August 2017

Wasteland Wondering - a change of direction.

Hello and welcome back to another Wasteland Wondering.

Like real wasteland wandering you sometimes encounter things that cause you to change path. Things like radiation pools, a horde of hungry rad ghouls, angry super mutants, Jedwood or a thousand other possible wasteland horrors. So a change in course is required. Or more likely in my case just stopping, pointing in a random direction and yelling "THAT WAY!".

Many of my recent posts have been setting the scene for the Matt black city setting. They have been following the trails of the Utopia city expedition and has been great for setting the scene. I have a few extra posts drafted but I have found that the path has changed.

There was recent finds of two factions I had stored in a separate location to the rest of my collection. That is now 80 factions. I never realised my 28mm collection was that large.

I am now ready to start taking pictures and writing the background fluff. What is going to be fun is each faction has now got a new settlement in the Matt Black City ruins. Some are outposts, trading posts, colonies or a new settlement. I will have to dream up new settlement names.

There is another issue of me mixing some factions together. When I was reviewing the lists it dawned on me that some factions such as traders would be based or operate in another settlement. That would offer a customer base and some security.

On top of this, I am planning on retiring a couple of factions or combining them. This means that the draft Life in Matt Black City posts will need rewriting as they feature some of these factions. I best get the renforcements to the Utopia forces.

In addition to Trog Town, the major factions will operate townships with trading posts in the ruins of the planetary capital. Brittannia, Liberty City, Wasteocrates, Great Lakes, Greasy Poon, Nu Sodom and a few others will offer trade, law and a few other comforts of civilisation. I hope to run two of these as largely anarchic townships where anything can be sold an bought. The plan is that these will attract all manner of trouble.

Historic faction feuds may also be rekindled such as the war between Liberty City and Nu Sodom.

Hobby wise I have gotten a few figures finished ready to pose for pictures and fluff writing. A couple of factions are ready to be fielded too. Things are ticking along slowly on that front.

Thanks for reading and stay safe out there.