Thursday, 24 August 2017

Matt Black City Report 13 - Vikings???

Journal of Senior Mag Stevo.
Date 03070117

Day 13 - Vikings ??

Still acting on the Intel from the character known as the Wanderer we sent the drones to the location of the raider camp.

It is circled on the map in red with our position marked in blue.

The drone images show a typically equipped raider band. Much of their equipment seems to be old but functional.

The Vikings gang are from various sources. Most are converted in some way.

By cross referencing our data we can see that these Raider bandits hail from the northern parts of the Brittainna wastes. They call themselves The Vikings but have little to do with the ancient Earth warriors other than raiding.

This band is from areas near the Blasted Ruins and we thought many settlements around those parts had been over run long ago by the mutant armies from the ruins. If they survived then this band will certainly be battle hardened.

Magistrate Black thinks we should hire Claw Company to take them out. The thought of hiring criminals irks me even if it is to deal with bandits. We will wait for instructions from High Command.