Sunday, 14 April 2013

A few new wastelanders.

Tango & Caps. 

These pair a unlikely pair of Wastelanders. Tango got her name because of the hue of her skin. Best not call her a mutie though as that hammer will be used. Caps like getting caps, it doesn't matter how. 

With Tango I was going for the ever popular orange skin tone you seem to see people wearing. 
Tango is from East Riding minis and is from the Golgo line. Caps is a Copplestone sewer scavenger. 


Libbi is a Psi-er. Dont piss her off. She will make you nose bleed just before your brain melts. Libbi is from Hasslefree minis. 

I liked what I read of the SSS game by Mojo Miniatures. So I headed into the mini pile to convert some figures. 

Its amazing what a head swap and a hood can do. 

The guy on the left was a WW2 American with a head swap, hood and arm swap. The guy in the middle is a Copplestone Sewer Scavenger. I swapped his SMG out for a staff/pipe. The guy on the right is a WWW2 British Paratrooper by Westwind. A head swap and hood changes the feel of the mini. Even if I dont get to play SSS these figures will make good additions to my Stalkers - which is why I kept the colours similar to the Rookie Stalkers. 

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