Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sci Fi Town/City terrain

I got some stuff made for my Sci-Fi town/MegaCity

This wall thingy is a bit of polystyrene packaging. The grills are from Zinge Industries. 

The other side. Fan by Zinge Industries. 

The top showing a Salute to Judge Dredd/2000AD (Chopper was the Mega City 1 Sky boarding champion). 

A strange maintenance vent. This came with the Androids play set. With a little modifying and some textured paint (and a ton of graffiti) and its ready for the table. 

I am planning a few weird cults in my Mega City. 

The grill is embroidery mesh. 

Another building. This was a cheap plastic bowl, a food pot and bits from the bits box. 

The posters are pictures from the internet which I printed off and glued to the building. 

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