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Utopia city Layout

City Layout

The city is divided into sectors and covers some 100 miles by 75 miles. Each sector is  2.5 x 2.5 miles in size. Not all sectors have city blocks on them such as Central Sector (Sector 150) which is the city’s central admin. It also houses the Halls of Justice, a Iso Cube prison and Embassy Blocks. 

Every sector has a Sector House Block which stations the Mag’s and Enforcers for the Sector. There  is a Rec Block which has restaurants, museums, zoos, fun fairs and other entertainment attractions and a Park Block which has a park for citizens to enjoy. Needless to say the parks and Rec Blocks have trouble with the gangs from the neighbouring blocks trying to control them. Different sectors have vary the Rec entertainments to attract Tourists (Rists) from other sectors. Each sector has at least one Grock Block which houses the city’s elderly population. There are Slum block where the deziens have destroyed the block. Conditions are bad in these blocks. They are patched up ruins with shanties or simple temporary buildings.

Not all sectors are populated. There is industrial sectors usually owned by the Corps. Sector 14 is in ruins after a Nuke got through the defensive screen. This area is radioactive and is known as Nuclear Alley. There is rents the ground which go down to the under city. Sector 55 is top secret and no one know what goes on there. It is rumoured to be a special Mag development facility. Sector 101 is a scrap sector that has become filled with rubbish. There is also Central Sector (Sector 150) where the Halls of Justice and a Prison are. There is a Airport sector and a couple of industrial sectors owned by the Corporations (the Corps). 

Each sector is divided into 25 Blocks. Each block is given the name of a famous person or place from the past and covers an area of approximately 1/2 mile by 1/2 mile. The block’s main building is a tower or tenement style construction with 100 to 150 floors and sits on either a 1/4 x 1/4 mile size footprint. Each block has its own entertainment and consumer levels. They also have schools and medical facilities too. Blocks with a Cit Def force will often dedicate a floor to the part time warriors. There are many smaller ground level buildings and even slums and shanties  around the blocks. 

The blocks are like small towns in one building. Many do not leave their blocks in their lifetimes. They view other blocks with suspicion and regard them as foreign countries. 

Many Blocks suffer Gang problems with a few gangs in each trying to control it. Some blocks are held by single gangs. There are many feuds in between rival gangs and often Block Wars break out – where all the gangs in one block attack the next block. 

Some of the richer blocks higher private security to keep the gang problem in check and often it is effective. However they try to stay out of the way of the Enforcers and Magistrates. There are one or two blocks held by foreign cities as embassies (Embassy Blocks) and they have there own security too. Also noticeable are the blocks run by organised crime gangs (known as the Orgs). Many suited well armed guards are found in these areas to ensure the Orgs interests are upheld. Usually the block gangs are in the Org’s employ. You know if you are in a Org block as they are suspiciously graffiti free. 

There is only one Mansion Block in the city. In this block a single family lives on three floors. There are a few Luxury Blocks (Lux blocks) where the wealthy live. They tend to have 4 apartments per floor unlike a standard block which has over 40. 

Below the streets there are many subterranean levels. These access the cities impenetrable gates, factories, sewers, water recycling facilities and factories. All the things a mega –city would need in order to survive. 

Beneath these levels there the Domes which serve as the city’s foundations in which are buried ruins of the old cities. Under these lie the old tunnel systems which used to serve them. The old bunkers still exist too, going many miles below the surface. All of this is buried and forgotten. However there are ways down to these forgotten levels. Scavenger gangs often go below looking for old tech. However they come back with tails of giant rats, rat men and other mutants found under the city.  Under the city also lies a polluted river that was Synthicreted over. The fabled River Styx is highly toxic and is probably the source of many of the mutations found in the city.

Beyond the city’s walls lie a harsh wasteland. Despite the popular belief that there is nothing out there Stalkers go out to scavenge the old ruins looking for loot and City Merchants travel to distant settlements to trade medicine, sythi food and clean water in exchange for fresh food and old relics. Still the wastes is a harsh place filled with radiation, toxic chemicals, mutant beasts and crazy people.

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