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Welcome to Utopia City

I have finally finished the background fluff that should allow me to get creative with my minis and mix up sci -fi, historical and Post Apoc genres in a anything goes kind of way. So here is the first part of the fluff. The setting will also be known as Mattbalckgod's world +100 as it is 100 years after the end. Enjoy! 

Utopia City Background. 

Before the final death of Matt Black and the wars that started after his death on the island continent “Rosstralia” a new shiny city was built over the old settlements, many of which had been abandoned to go live in the now over crowded Matt Black God city. The city was to be over 200 miles across. 

The idea was to build a massive city with a low population density. Each home was detached with large gardens. They where high tech and eco friendly utilizing wind & solar power. All waste was recycled using various techniques to produce oil, rubber and other consumables. Food was synthetically produced and water was harvested from the very air.    It was to be a Utopia of luxury with Robots doing all the boring manual work and chores. 

A army of robots to clearing the ruins and building the city. Massive synthicrete domes where inserted over the old towns and cities the new city covered. On top of this a 15 meter high raft of synthicrete which housed all the facilities that the new occupants could ever want. 

As tensions where building on the world about the demise of the world’s founder a 10 meter wall above the raft was added along with a high tech security and defense system. 

The wealthy then moved to the newly opened Utopia city. Utopia became the envy of Matt Black’s world with a steady stream of people trying to move into the city.  

10 years after the people moved in tensions began to build and the wars of the Mattblackgod started.  Open warfare and terrorist attacks occurred across the world. Attack bots where dropped into civilian areas, chemical & biological weapons where used by all sides (historians claim that there was over 200 factions all fighting over what the world’s founder actually thought, did and wanted for them). Utopia city remained neutral during the wars. The city took in refugees from the worst effected areas. 

To house the refugees the city build massive tower blocks as temporary accommodation hoping they would return to their homelands when the warring had stopped. The city’s resources where stretched and the population boomed. Crime also boomed and pretty soon the Enforcers could not cope. A new breed of law man appeared - The Magistrates.

When the Federation arrived to evacuate the world two nasty bio viruses had been unleashed on the world’s population. The Federation ruled that they could not chance the plauges getting off world and cleansed it with nuclear weapons. The world was left to fend for itself and mines and missile satellites stopped anything getting to the world or off it. 

Utopia City’s defenses coped well. Only one missile from the orbital bombardment made it through the the defenses and landed in a sector now know as Rad Alley. 

Upon realizing that the orbital attackers would not go away until all life had been eradicated from Matt Black’s world a Magistrate “Mad” Dan Stevo launched all the cities nukes detonating them close to the city. This was to fool the Ships sensors into believing the city had been hit. He then overloaded the cities micro comms causing a massive EMP like pulse which wiped out a lot of the cities power for a short while. 

After the Federation left the world to fend for itself the city took in refugees from the wastes and evacuated the nearby towns and settlements. After all they could provide shelter, food, clean water and radiation medicines. New blocks had to be cleared and more tenements or towers added. Thank fully the city’s infrastructure was easily upgraded to take the extra demands. 

No comms where received from outside. The worlds magnetic flux was too damaged for comms to work. No more refugees came to the city. The world beyond the walls had a reputation as Hell and despite the conditions in Utopia city no one wanted to venture into the blighted place to see if it was any better. Meanwhile the city’s population grew and grew. 

In the years that followed there was massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Gradually the skies cleared and daylight returned. The city had withstood this dark time. 

50 years after the Apocalypse the odd garbled radio broadcast was received. The Utopia City Council started to wonder who out there had survived. Then more death rained from orbit. Nukes fell again destroying various places on the world. The city was lucky, its defenses once again destroyed incoming warheads. 

Intrigued Utopia launched robot probes to discover where the missiles hit. First the probes showed that Rosstralia was no longer an Island continent. The world’s plates had shifted forcing the sea bed upwards. The world was now one large landmass.

Then Intel came back that new settlements in the Wastes had been hit. Utopia then evacuated people from Brittannia, Titansark, Aryanreiche and New Eden. The following year they launched a world wide campaign to get more people into the city. Many tens of thousands came leaving many settlements empty, but not all. General Human mutation are accepted in the city but those heavily mutated where turned away. This has caused much resentment in the Brittannia Wastelands and from certain sectors of Liberty City. 

100 years after the world ended Utopia’s population has doubled and it is seriously overcrowded with over 200 million denizens living there. Unemployment is high at 80% and many resent the robots that do all the work. Crime is high with burglaries and muggings at high levels. 

The city is a dangerous place to live with Muggers, Serial Killers, Utopia Shock Syndrome  sufferers (Crazies) going on homicidal rampages, drug crazed lunatics, gang wars, Organized crime (the Orgs), Block Wars, Riots, Suicide Cults, Death Cults, Rouge Psi-ers, illegal Car-Maggeddon races and things creeping up from the undercity. 

The city is keen to find some tech for disabling the hostile satellites above the world, terraforming kits (the city has trouble producing terraforming bugs to save the wastelands) and would love to make contact with space beyond the world. 

Outside the city there is a ring of 16 Outposts 30 miles beyond the City Walls. These serve as trading posts and forward observation posts. The Mags defend these Outposts. Cit-Def units also get stationed here for a week at a time. 

Out in the wastes at a secret location lies a massive high security prison where Utopia sends its most dangerous criminals. 

There was another further out from Utopia but the city lost control of it to the prisoners. The old prison is known as Lockdown Palace. It is a fortress in its own right where the population attack local settlements. The city doesn't have the resources to take it back and the Mags are hesitant to nuke it for fear of activating another nuke missile satellite. 

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